1. Experiencing problem of signal instability while making calls.

    This may be due to network connectivity issues in your locality. You may wish to reach out to your service provider.
  2. Why consumers are not allowed to use GSM busters in their houses, work place or business environments?

    In most cases GSM busters installed by a consumers are not properly configured to operate within the frequency range, hence causing interference which limits the signal strength of the adjacent networks.
  3. Why is it that I often receive international calls with local number?

    This might be as a result of SIM-box to perpetrate fraud on the operator’s network. The use of SIM-box is strongly discouraged by NCC and the Commission is doing its best to see that this practice is completely eradicated.
  4. Can I put my current SIM into 5G phone?

    Yes most 5G phones are backward compatible and can be able to receive 4G/3G/2G coverage.
  5. Is there any anti – theft system to restrain the theft of mobile device?

    No, this is not yet introduced.
  6. Will there be any health or environmental issues using 5G technology in Nigeria?

    So far, there have been no scientifically proven evidence that 5G technology will have serious effect on health and environment.
  7. How does a consumer benefit from 5G technology when it is fully in place?

    Stimulates consumers to enjoy a smarter, more connected world, better mobile services, safer business environment, enhanced health services, etc.
  8. What causes mobile data to deplete so quickly?

    By downloading and watching videos, playing on – line games, using remote cameras, sending mails with large attachments e.t.c. Some applications, not properly shut down may also be running at the background thereby consuming your data without your knowledge. You may, however, lay a complaint to your service provider if you feel cheated.
  9. Is National identification number (NIN) mandatory for new SIM registration?

    Yes, NIN is now a compulsory requirement for SIM card registration within the country for Nigerians.
  10. What is the acceptable USSD charges per transaction?

    A flat rate of N6.98 is charged for USSD services.
  11. Can we deploy services in the unlicensed bands without seeking permission from the Commission?

    No, you cannot deploy services on the unlicensed band except with the permission from the Commission even though you are not required to pay any fee for the unlicensed band.