The NCC Consumer Portal is an integrated medium of information dissemination to Telecom Consumers by the Consumer Affairs Bureau (CAB) of the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) to Protect, Inform and educate them on issues affecting their quality of experiences.

The Consumer Affairs Bureau (CAB) sees the Telecom Consumers as King in the Telecom ecosystem, hence the motto “Take advantage of us, so that no one takes advantage of you”.

The Portal is a two-way platform that allows consumers and regulators to share information that will enhance their quality of experiences. The interactive portal allows a consumer to relate with the Commission, lodge their complaints, make enquiries and provide feedback to the Commission.

The virtual engagement brings the Commission closer to the Telecoms Consumer irrespective of their location.

Consumers are enjoined to take advantage of the Portal to empower themselves by staying informed and educated without leaving the comfort and safety of their homes and workplaces.

Hop on the Protect Inform and Educate (PIE train and enjoy the articles as you ride with us …

Mistura Aruna
Editor-in-Chief, Consumer Web Portal