The Nigerian Communications Act (NCA 2003) generally provides for the protection and promotion of interests of consumers including persons with Special Needs and the Elderly (CHALLENGED GROUP). Pursuant to the NCA 2003, the Nigerian Communications Commission, as a result of its consumer centric posture and in order to ensure non-discriminatory services delivery as well as an acceptable Quality of Experience by consumers of ICT products and services hereby establishes an Industry Consumer Advisory Forum.

Official Designation of the Forum

The official designation of this Forum is Industry Consumer Advisory Forum

The Forum’s Objective

The Industry Consumer Advisory Forum (ICAF) acting in an advisory capacity, will make recommendations to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) regarding the interests and concerns of consumers of ICT products and services including persons with Special Needs and the Elderly; to advice on protection from unfair practices as well as submit memoranda on and facilitate the review of the Consumer Code of Practice Regulations.

Scope of Activities

The scope of activities of the Forum shall include but not limited to the following:

  • Review Consumer Code of Practice Regulations, 2007 and provide suggestions for improvement.
  • Initiate and facilitate consumer Protection, Information and Educational programmes.
  • Recommend on how the requirements and interests of persons with Special Needs and the Elderly are fully taken into account in the development and provision of products and services.
  • Invite public opinion in collaboration with NCC on consumer issues.
  • Offer stakeholder opinion on policy and strategic initiatives towards an acceptable and sustainable Quality of Experience (QoE) of products and services.
  • Make recommendations on all issues within the Scope of Activities of the Forum to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and on any other matter the NCC may direct.

Membership of the Forum

The Executive Vice Chairman shall appoint members of the FORUM. Membership shall be both institutional and on individual basis. Members shall be selected in recognition of their expertise and experience in their fields of specialization. Membership shall therefore be culled from but not limited to; Consumer Advocacy Groups (CAGs), representatives of the Challenged Groups (special needs), representatives of the Service Providers, equipment manufacturers and vendors, specialized Corporate User Groups (CUGs), community representatives, academics, etc.

Chairman of the Forum

  • The Chairman of the Forum shall be appointed by the Executive Vice Chairman (EVC) of the Nigerian Communications Commission from members of the Forum.
  • The tenure of the Chairman shall be for a two (2) year period and shall be rotational among the members of the Forum.
  • The Chairmen of subcommittees shall be appointed by the Chairperson of the Forum.

Sub Committees

Where necessary the Forum shall establish sub-committees as may be approved by the EVC, NCC to address specific areas of concern.

Tenure of members of the Forum

Individual membership of the Forum shall be a two-year tenure renewable for an additional tenure at the discretion of the NCC. New Members shall be appointed on an annual basis to provide a staggered tenureship. Corporate / Institutional membership tenure shall continue for as long as the institution exists.

Office to Whom the Forum Reports

The Forum shall report to the Executive Vice Chairman, Nigerian Communications Commission.

Meeting of the Forum

The Forum shall hold at least one meeting every quarter of the year or as may otherwise be directed by the EVC. At least one (1) of the meetings of the Forum shall be open to public participation. In the absence of the Chairman, the DNO shall act as a Vice Chairman

Participation at the Forum Meetings

Members to the Forum are expected to attend all of the scheduled meetings.

Quorum at Meetings

One third (1/3) of the membership at any given meeting, shall constitute a quorum for a normal meeting of the Forum

Coordination of Forum Activities

The activities of the Forum shall be coordinated by the Consumer Affairs Bureau of the NCC.

Venue of Forum Meetings

All the meetings of the Forum shall be held in the NCC Head Office Building in Abuja except as may otherwise be approved by the NCC.

Designated NCC Officer (DNO)

The Director of the Consumer Affairs Bureau (DCAB) of the NCC who shall be the designated NCC officer (DNO) representing NCC at the Forum and a member of the FORUM shall at all material times co-ordinate the activities of the Forum howsoever. The DNO shall in consultation with the Chairman of the Forum issue invitations to members for the attendance of the meetings of the Forum. The DNO shall also be responsible for the following:

  • Seeking approvals for agenda;
  • Provision of adequate support staff from Consumer Affairs Bureau (CAB) for all the meetings of the Forum;
  • Maintenance of the records of all meetings of Forum and the filings thereof;
  • Issuance of all official correspondence including the facilitation of the activities of the
  • sub-committees, working groups set up by and for the Forum;
  • Preparation of Annual Reports of the Forum and whatever else that maybe necessary for the proper conduct of the business of the Forum.


The NCC shall fund meetings and all activities of the Forum.


Executive Vice Chairman
Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).