1. How do I apply for allocation of National Numbering?

    Answer: Download copy of the Short Code Application form from the Commission's website under Technical Standards webpage. Submit the duly completed application form attaching the requested supporting documents along with a covering letter addressed to the Executive Vice Chairman, Nigerian Communications Commission at the NCC Head office in Abuja or any of its Zonal offices.
  2. How much do numbers cost?

    Answer: This is available at the Nigerian Communications Commission website at the following URL;
  3. How long is a numbering assignment valid for?

    Answer: Numbering assignments are valid for one year.
  4. Are assigned numbers renewable annually?

    Answer: Yes, numbers are renewable annually and annual renewal fee applies.
  5. How long does it take to process a numbering application?

    Answer: The Commission Process applications as soon as it is received but sometimes it may deem it necessary to invite a company for meeting/presentation to provide clarification on some issues pertaining to the applicant's submissions or it might request additional information in writing from the applicant which may impact the processing time.
  6. How much does it cost to renew numbers?

    Answer: Presently the Commission computes numbering for both fixed and mobile numbers at ₦20 per line for any number of lines.