Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Original Equipment Designers (OEDs) use it as an option for a consumer who would prefer to use eSIM on his or her device. 

ESIM can also be soldered into industrial equipment where a SIM card may not be easily accessible. Being reprogrammable from a distance implies that eSIMs can be managed with ease without damaging SIM slot on your phone or getting the SIM damaged as it were in conventional hardware SIM.

Embedded SIM (e-SIM) is a paradigm shift from the traditional hardware Subscriber Identity Modules (SIM cards). In Nigeria.  ESIM is designed to deliver unprecedented flexibility and freedom for consumers compared to what is obtainable from the physical SIM. 

Benefits of eSIM

The following are some of the benefits of eSIM to consumers:

1.         e-SIM allows you to have more than one phone number associated with your smart device. It is particularly useful for a consumer or customer who wants to manage personal and business line(s).

2.         It also reduces the possibility of losing or damaging a SIM card because It is built into your device and does not need to be inserted into it (the device).

3.         It removes the stress of using a SIM adapter or cutting a SIM into mini or nano sizes.

4.         A consumer or customer who is travelling will enjoy eSIM because of the flexibility of switching to different networks for roaming or using a local SIM in the country s/he travels to.

How to activate an eSIM

A consumer is expected to visit a Mobile Network Operator’s Customer Centre to find out if his or her device is eSIM enabled. After the verification of the device’s ability to use eSIM, the customer care agent takes such a consumer through the process of eSIM activation in a couple of minutes.  It is a simple procedure.