Do you know the NCC-approved stipulated timeframe for Service Providers to roll over consumer’s unused data at its expiration? It is important for you as a consumer to be familiar with this.

The NCC, on April 27, 2018, issued Directions to Service Providers, to the effect that at the expiration of a data plan, Service Providers should rollover subscribers’ unused data plan upon renewal. The NCC-approved timelines for data rollover are as follows:

  1. For one day (1) data plan, a consumer has ONLY one day during which his data service must be renewed in order for his previously unused data to be rolled over by his service provider.
  2. For data plans of above one (1) day but less than thirty (30) days, a consumer has three days within which he can renew his data in order for his unused data to be rolled over.
  3. For a monthly or thirty (30) days data plan, a consumer has seven (7) days with which he has to renew his data plan to be able to have access to his previously unused data and have it rolled over.

In line with the above, it, therefore, implies that irrespective of the amount and data plan subscribed, consumer’s unused data should be rolled over to the next billing cycle provided it is within the renewable period approved by the Commission. However, it is important to note that unused data on special plans will not be rolled over as they attract extra value. As such, consumers are encouraged to get more clarification from their Service Providers on data rollover.


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