Why do I have to protect Telecom Infrastructure?

It is important to protect telecom infrastructure because of the following reasons:

  • It is a Critical National Asset to be protected by all.
  • It ensures better quality of service delivery and seamless customer experience.
  • It increases the growth pace of telecom services and attracts development.

How do I protect telecom infrastructure?

The followings are the ways by which consumer can play a role in protecting telecoms infrastructure in their areas:

  • See telecom infrastructure as a Critical National Asset to be protected by all.
  • Shun the theft of cables and vandalism of telecom facilities.
  • Do not encourage the sealing up of Base Stations in your areas. This will cut-off your community and its environs from communication service.
  • Do not damage telecom infrastructure to extort money from Service Providers.
  • Allow installation of equipment and maintenance/repairs on sites by technical staff of service providers for quality telecom service delivery.
  • Guard against destruction of telecom infrastructures, through prompt notification of service providers on any ongoing road construction activities by companies or other government agencies, where wanton cutting of fibre cables are sighted. This is to avoid service disruption or interference in service delivery in your area.

Remember, the protection of Telecom Infrastructure is a collective responsibility, let’s work together to protect it.