Realize that the "Right to Choose" is one of your rights as a Telecom Consumer. Let me also inform you that Telecom Service Providers are obliged under the Consumer Code of Practice Regulation 2007 to provide information on products and services that is complete, accurate and up-to-date, in simple clear language. This is the platform on which the NCC has directed all Mobile Network Operators to implement the Do-Not-Disturb (DND) service and dedicate the short code "2442" to enable you take an informed and independent decision on what messages you may wish to receive from your network provider.

You can be rest assured that you no longer need to worry about this menace.If you decide you have had enough of these text messages and you no longer wish to receive any at all, kindly text "STOP" to 2442 to activate the full DND service.

If however you wish to continue to receive a specific type of promotional/commercial communication, the NCC has created a portfolio of services which you can pick and choose from. The partial DND service is categorized into the following and can be entered into by texting the corresponding number to 2442:

  • Text 1 to 2442 to receive Banking/Insurance/Financial Products
  • Text 2 to 2442 to receive Real Estate
  • Text 3 to 2442 to receive Education
  • Text 4 to 2442 to receive Health
  • Text 5 to 2442 to receive Consumer Goods and Automobiles
  • Text 6 to 2442 to receive Communication, Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT
  • Text 7 to 2442 to receive Tourism and Leisure
  • Text 8 to 2442 to receive Sport
  • Text 9 to 2442 to receive Religion
  • Text 10 to 2442 to receive information on new products/services from the Service Provider
  • Text 11 to 2442 to receive News Alerts.

To check your status please send "STATUS" to 2442. If you need help, send "HELP" to the same number for assistance, and finally if you want to receive all messages then send "˜ALLOW" to 2442 to recommence receipt of all messages.