Mobile Handsets offer a wide range of functions such as voice calls, text messages, chats, emails, internet browsing and business/ financial transactions.

The word Counterfeit according to Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (7th Edition) means something that is made to look exactly like the original with the intent of tricking people into thinking that they are getting the real thing. Consumers often opt for counterfeit phones because they are cheap and look original. It is however important to know of some of the hazards of using counterfeit Handsets.

  • Counterfeit mobile phones are low in quality and often do not meet safety standards. In some situations the radiation from them is beyond the permissible limits and can cause serious damage to the health of Consumers.
  • Scientific study on the levels of radio frequency emissions from mobile devices indicated that several sophisticated looking fake and cheap phones in the market emit high levels of radiation, far higher than what is globally accepted as safe.
  • Counterfeit mobile phones may not have safety circuits which regulate voltage, current and heat within the battery. This can lead to a short circuit and explode or heat up and lead to destruction of the environment.
  • Substandard components in counterfeit phones often malfunction with the potential to injure users and damage property.
  • Counterfeit phones are not registered or certified to operate on networks because they are made from cheap substandard components that can affect service in a network area.
  • IMEI is the unique identity number which can be accessed when one dials *#06#, it has been observed that counterfeit or uncertified mobile phones duplicate IMEI from genuine ones.
  • Counterfeit Phones are often not Type-Approved by the Regulatory Authorities in charge of regulating the telecoms industry.
  • For a list of Type-Approved handsets in the Country, kindly log on to and check under the Technical Standards icon for a list of Type Approved Mobile Handsets.



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