1. Call Your Number: the first thing you should do in the event that you lose/misplace your phone is to call it from another phone. Perhaps it was only misplaced, maybe someone picked it up and is trying to find the best way to return it to you. But if the phone is locked and there's no access to the contacts, the finder may be standing-by waiting for you to give it a ring. And once the battery is dead, you'll have a harder time getting a hold of anyone, so do this first.
  2. Retrace your steps: do not panic, sit down for a moment and think about where you have been.
  3. Contact your Service Provider: alert your Service Provider, ask them to block your SIM and handset, if you have your International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number written somewhere. This is to avoid any possible fraudulent activities being perpetuated via your Mobile Line and Phone.
  4. Protect your Accounts: log-out of Social Media, email accounts, online banking and change all passwords to any accounts that can be accessed through your phone.
  5. File a Police report about your lost or stolen phone.
  6. Get a replacement. For the NCC Guidelines on Sim Replacement, kindly log onto: http://www.ncc.gov.ng/docman-main/legal-regulatory/guidelines/733-guidelines-on-sim-replacement/file

By: Ada Tete
Consumer Affairs Bureau,

Nigerian Communications Commission