Credit card fraud across the internet is one of the more common examples of this type of crime. Some people fall prey to this type of scam because they are careless with their debit or credit cards whilst others are duped by clever phishing schemes (this is a way that criminals get sensitive information like usernames or passwords). These quick tips may help you lessen the risk of credit card fraud;

  • Do not ever allow the card out of your possession
  • Check your payment receipt every time and make sure the amount is correct
  • Try not to write the pin number anywhere and memorize it well
  • Get the card canceled if misplaced in any situation
  • Be careful while making big transactions
  • Be careful while responding to special offers online
  • When making purchases online, ensure that the vendor is credible with a strong track record of reliability.
  • Ensure that the website of the vendor uses the secure HTTP protocol - the address of the website (URL) where you are making the purchase must begin with https://