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Follow the tips in this section to be able to quickly and easily use the robust features of this website.

Help Central  is a powerful built-in knowledge base web module that allows our Consumer Affairs representative interact with the members of the public to find answers to common problems.
The Help Desk is easily accessible from the left section home page and the inner pages of the consumer web portal .

Submitting a questionTo forward  questions to the representatives of the Consumer Affairs Bureau on the consumer web portal, Click on the submit a question link and follow the three simple steps belowEnter a descriptive title for your question

Select from a list of related titles in the archive of the help central. If a related question is found, click on the appropriate title to view the answer for your question or click on submit my issue button to enter your question.
Fig 1: Step 3 of the process of submitting a question on the web portal
Searching the Knowledge Base To search for the web portal for questions and answers to those question from the portal’s database, click on the Search Knowledge Base link and follow the simple steps presentated to you

Quick FAQ

To view the questions and answers of most popular and frequently asked questions in each section of the knowledge base, click on the Quick FAQ link, to view question listing. To view answers to the listed FAQ, click on the appropriate title.THE OPINION POLL
This module of the consumer web portal enables us at the Consumer Affairs Bureau  to know the opinion of the general on certain issues.
It can be accessed from the homepage (lower left corner) and also from the inner pages (left column). To make your opinion known, click select the option that best fit your opinion and then click on vote now button.
To view current and previous results, click on the appropriate link in the opinion poll section

Fig 2: Opinion PollTHE LIVEHELP

Live help makes it easy to provide real time customer support for your prospects customers.
With live, one-on-one interaction, you can better explain complex services and confirm that your explanation truly answers the customer’s questions.
To contact a representative of the Consumer Affairs Bureau real time online, The Online Button on the Live Help section shows that a representative of the Bureau is available to respond to your questions, click on the Live Help section of the home page or the inner page to interact our representative.
In case any of our representatives are not available to respond to your questions real time, click on the Offline button to drop your question, an email would sent to you once any of our representative is available.

Fig 2: The Live Help section showing that our representatives are not available real time COMPLAINTS
For complaints relating to both the consumer(an individual) or the industry. Click on the complaints section at the top of the web portal to select the appropriate click.
For complaints related to the consumer, click on consumer to view the consumer complaint procedures, view the complaint types and also fill your online complaints form
For complaints related to the industry, click on the industry to view the procedures to make your complaints known to the Consumer Affairs Bureau.LINKS

Links on the web portal are either underlined or appear light blue shade. Links that are related to a particular section appear in deep blue color.


The headings and page title on the Consumer Web Portal appear in deep blue.


To search the enter web portal, type in your search keyword in the search field at the top right corner of the consumer portal.

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