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S/No.  Questions  Answers
1 Do I need type approval before importing GSM handsets into the country and if I do not get type approval before importing, will the goods be seized? Yes, you need type approval to import GSM handsets that are not in circulation and if not the goods will be seized because you are conducting illegal business.
2 How do I find out the number of CDMA operators in Nigeria? Visit the NCC website on www.ncc.gov.ng for the current figure
3 Why do CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) phones start counting or billing callers even before such calls are connected? Fixed Wireless operators use CDMA phones that are configured in such they start to tick before connections however, billing starts only when the person on the other end picks up the phone or speaks up i.e. there is a connection of the call.
4 How safe is the radiation from handsets, base stations, and other RF telecom equipment? Mobile handsets, base stations and other radio frequency based equipment used within the telecom industry are usually subjected to type approval tests to ensure they are safe for deployment within the country. Key metrics that are measured include – the level of radiation (spurious or intended) emitted by handsets, receivers, transceivers etc. In short , base stations are not harmful to people around it as no study has ever shown that there is a negative health implication.
5 How do I know which handsets have been type approved? Visit the Commission website for the updated list
6 How can we obtain type approval for telecommunications equipment Type approval process can commence on completion of Application for Type Approval for connection of Customer Equipment Form downloadable from the NCC website (www.ncc.gov.ng) in Technical research and Standards navigation link.
7 How can I apply for NNP or (PSN)? National Numbering plan (NNP) / Premium Service Number (PSN) (including short codes)? Information on applying for NNP or PSN including downloadable application can obtained from NCC website www.ncc.gov.gov.ng in Technical Research and Standards link.
8 Does the Commission develop standards for  Industry It is part of the statutory function of the Commission develop standards for the Industry. Some of the Technical have been developed for the industry can be accessed via the Commission’s website in the Technical Research and Standard link.
10 What is Quality of Service (QoS)? QoS is the collective effort of service performances, usually referred to as Key performance Indicators (KPI’s) which determine the degree of satisfaction a user derives from the service.
The performance indicators for QoS monitored are considered from two perspectives:

  • Customer’s perception with respect to the service he/she is receiving and
  • The customer’s perception with respect to  his/her interaction with his/her service provider.
11 What are QoS KPI’s? Although these indicators are usually technical, it follows that from a mobile user’s point of view network what  is fundamentally important include the aility of a mobile network to set up, make and hold calls, service availability, network strength and audio quality.
12 Does Service Providers’ response to complaints by users constitute QoS? Yes. This forms the customer’s perception with respect his/her interaction with his/her service provider or its agencies.
13 How does the NCC contribute to QoS? By ensuring that QoS performance benchmarks adhered to by service operators. NCC is also constantly monitoring QoS and enforcing compliance where disparity occurs.
14 Can a user influence good QoS? Yes. Eventually, users are likely to abandon particular networks that offer unsatisfactory QoS, to the peril of those networks which must work to improve their QoS. Users can also influence good QoS by bringing to the notice of operators and NCC any observed lapses.
15 Masts and Towers

  • Complaint about mast/tower location.
  • Safety from electromagnetic radiation.
  • Environmental pollution from  the generator sets (hydrocarbon emissions)
The NCC has developed standards on masts and towers. For more information on those standards visit www.ncc.gov.ng and click Technical Research and Standards link.
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