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Consumer Complaint Procedures

1 Contact your Service Providers via the Call Centre, Help Line,E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, SMS or Walk into your service provider’s contact or friendship center or shop, lodge your complaints and collect your complaint ticket identity number (Ticket ID)
2. Wait for the resolution time given to you by your Service Provider to elapse
3. If your complaint is unresolved or you are dissatisfied with the resolution.
4 Call 0800 Call NCC (0800 2255 622),
Use our online Complaint Form or send an EMAIL to: consumerportal@ncc.gov.ng with your ticket ID to lodge your complaint(s)
5 NCC Contact Center will forward your concern(s) to your Service Provider for resolution

1.       NCC Contact Center does not take fresh Service Providers related complaint(s)

  1. NCC Contact Center does not resolve Service Providers related complaint(s)

Consumer Complaint Types

Complaint Category Issue Code Complaint Subcategory
Billing A1 Overdeduction
A2 Dropped Balance
A3 Pending Credit
A4 Reduction in Access Days
A5 Charging for multiple SMS
A6 Incorrect Call rate
A7 Charging for unsuccessful calls
A8 Charging for undelivered SMS
A9 Unjustified Deduction for change in tariff plan
A10 Inability to change tariff plan
A11 Virtual Top-up deducted but not sent
A12 Inability to activate Virtual Top-up
A13 Caller tune charged but not downloaded
A14 Voice SMS not delivered but charged
A50 Others (please specify)
Call Center/ Customer Care B1 Inability to call Customer Care/Call Center line
B2 Non challant attitude of agents
B3 Incorrect Responses from agents
B50 Others (please specify)
Call set-up C1 Voice Clarity
C2 Can’t receive calls from any network
C3 Can’t make calls to any network
C4 Call barring
C5 Background Noise
C6 Low/Weak Signal
C7 Inability to make international Call
C8 Inability to receive international call
C9 No Network
C10 Inability to call fixed lines
C11 Inability to make calls to same network
C12 Cant make calls with sufficient credit
C13 Activate call barring (Non handset related issues)
C14 Deactivate call barring (Non handset related Issues)
C15 Cant receive calls from same network
C16 Cant receive calls on suspended line
C17 Dropped Calls
C50 Others (please specify)
Faulty Terminal D1 Speaker not working
D2 Charger problem
D3 Antenna problem
D4 Inability to send fax
D5 Defective equipment
D6 Poor quality handset
D7 Faulty Battery
D50 Others (please specify)
Health Issues E1 Base station issues including Mast
E2 Pollution from Gen Set
E50 Others (please specify)
Internet Service F1 Fluctuating service
F2 Renewal of service
F3 Internet speed/Bandwidth
F4 Disconnection of internet service
F5 Low connectivity
F50 Others (please specify)
Promotions G1 Mis-Selling
G2 Bonus/Incentives
G50 Others (please specify)
Recharge card H1 Over scratched card
H2 Refill unblock
H3 Inability to load using IVR/USSD
H4 Used Recharge Card
H5 Invalid card
H6 Stolen cards
H7 Inability to Check Balance
H50 Others (please specify)
SMS/MMS I1 Inability to send SMS
I2 Inability to send SMS to the same network
I3 Inability to send SMS to other networks
I4 Bulk SMS Issue (Handset enabled)
I5 Receiving multiple SMS
I6 Receiving SMS late
I7 Inability to receive SMS (Network related issue)
I8 Inability to receive international SMS
I9 Inability to send International SMS
I10 Inability to access voice SMS
I11 Inability to activate Voice SMS
I12 Inability to retrieve Voice SMS
I13 Inability to retrieve Voicemail
I14 Unable to deactivate voicemail box
I16 Cancel voicemail divert
I17 Voicemail password retrieval
I18 Voicemail Activation
I19 Cant access voicemail
I20 Inability to receive MMS
I21 Inability to send MMS
I22 Inability to send International MMS
I23 Inability to receive International MMS
I24 Receiving International MMS late
I25 MMS Activation
I26 MMS Deactivation
I27 Cannot send MMS while roaming
I28 Unable to view MMS
I29 MMS handset configuration
I30 Inability to send Voice SMS
I50 Others (please specify)
SIM J1 SIM Activation
J2 Inactive SIM
J3 Inactive SIM Swap
J4 SIM Swap Error
J5 SIM replacement unavailable
J6 Deactivated SIM
J7 Damaged SIM
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